horse trouble

horse trouble

by phoebe


he has spots on his tongue on his left side and right. i dont no what it is and it doesnt seem to bother him but it looks qutie sore. it looks like a circle with a black outside and a pinky middle. do you no what it is ?.

hes very cute and cuddley with a very cheeky smile and i wouldnt want him to get hurt. i no the question above isnt suttible for this website but do you no what it is. also he is 25 years old so what that make a diffence becuase hes old.

i have another horse called billy and he is 5 years old now. he quite good for a 5 year old but he has been treking all his life. sometime when he is with my friends horse he gets a bit excited and goes bolting up and he does a lilttle bucking bronko. but inside i no hes a lovley pony.

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horse trouble

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Oct 31, 2010

Answer to horse trouble

by: Jessica

Hi Phoebe,

I Googled the description you gave for your horse’s condition, but there were no results. I did find one person on another site that mentioned his/her horse having a similar condition, but no one had been able to come up with an answers.

Have you checked that your horse’s bit fits him correctly? It could possibly be bruising that is discolouring the sides of his tongue. Or perhaps he needs his teeth looked at? I suggest that you get your vet or horse dentist to look at him just to see if they have an answer to his condition.

I hope this helps somewhat. Sorry that I could not answer your question more helpfully,

– Jessica

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