Might Get a Horse

Might Get a Horse

by Amy

I’m looking to buy a horse, but 1st I wanted to read up on care for it, such as to know how to tell if it’s sick. Do you know how to tack up correctly? (You own a horse so of course you should) But I can’t figure out how to put on the Bridle/Halter and how do you know when the Saddle is tight, but not so tight to were he/she cant breathe?

Also what horse do you recomend for a starter? Is every horse good or is some better than others? Would a Paint Horse be a good first horse? Because that’s the one I wanted so bad, that or an Appaloosa, Gypsy Vanner, Mustang or a Standardbred.

I’d love to hear from you!

Your Truly-

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Might Get a Horse

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Jun 07, 2013

your horse

by: victoria

hey, how’s it going with your horse shopping? I would definitely recommend Morgan and quarter horses for a first horse and WARNING: don’t get anything that is under the age of 8-10. I definitely think you should get a well trained gelding to go along with all that. and you are doing the right thing by reading all you can. I would also hope you are taking lessons at a barn maybe if a neighbor has horses you could pat them or work for them in trade for lessons. tips on how to put a bridle on and a saddle is go on you tube and search it if you are not taking lessons. Please please please chose your horse carefully don’t just buy the first horse you check out because he’s pretty. chose carefully and I’m not saying that the first horse ya see is not going to be the one it’s just usually not. and one more thing have a ton of fun with ya horse

Jun 17, 2011


by: Jessica

Dear Amy,

I have sent a reply to your email address. Thank you for consulting me on the matter of your purchasing of a horse.

– Jessica

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