My favorite little school horse

My favorite little school horse

When I first came to my new horse farm I saw so many horses! But one of the stood out the most. It was a male dun Welsh Cob and he was beautiful. I walked up to him and soon he learned to love me and I loved him. I rode him every time I came to the farm for lessons, I was the one who took him out on his pasture, mucked his stall and took care of him like he was my own.

After a few years I can up to him and he didn’t greet me. His eyes looked far away and dull and his fur was a mess! I couldn’t believe that he had changed so rapidly over the 3 days that I was gone! I rode him and he was slow.

The next time I wasn’t allowed to ride him and the lesson after that he was gone. When my teacher told me that he had died because he had an infection in his spine I started crying.

I couldn’t get over the sorrow and my dad had to take me home because I refused to ride a different horse. I have. Ever learned to even love a horse that was at the farm because Crackers was the only one I would ever love at that horse farm.

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My favorite little school horse

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Dec 04, 2012


by: Jessica

I am so sorry to hear about Crackers! Stories like that always make me cry. I hope that one day you find another horse that you can learn to love; remember that no other horse can ever take his place, but that doesn’t mean that you must lose your love for horses and riding.

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