by Kate


I don’t have a picture of him right now but I can still describe him. Roman is the sweetest horse I ever knew!!! I got him from my Dad’s cousin.

The first day I rode him at my family’s farm, there was a little disaster. I made a stupid mistake by riding into the hay field. Roman saw the neighbor’s horses. By the way, my two neighbors are my Aunt and Uncle, on the other side is my Dad’s Mom and Dad.

On the other side of both neighbors are horses!! Roman saw the horses and began galloping. I wasn’t used to a gallop. Or canter. Or trot. I could of stayed on but I didn’t. I made my choice and fell of. Good thing I was wearing a helmet. It hurt my bottom!!! FOR WEEKS!!!

After that I’ve been scared to ride him. But, he’s still the sweetest horse in the world. I forgot to describe him! Roman was 14 when that happened in September 2010.

Now, 2011, he’s 15. He is an Arabian. Bay, dark bay I think, star on is forehead, black mane and tail. and a little bit of white around back right hoof. That hoof is kinda white! But, he’s the best horse I ever knew!!!!!!

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Dec 21, 2011


by: Jessica

Roman sounds fantastic, Kate. I’m glad that you can look at your accident in such a humourous light and that you still enjoy riding.

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