Trail Ride Went Bad

Trail Ride Went Bad

by Kristi

(East Troy Wasconsin At Camp Timberlee)

I always loved riding the horses of my camp, but didn’t really relize I wanted my own ’til 2 years ago. We were riding and I was put on a horse named Daisy. She looked Paint x Quarter and about 14 or 15hh tall.

The horse in back kept nipping her legs and she kept moving her mouth and dipping her head a lot which I guess there was maybe something irritating her mouth. I asked the people on the trail about it, but they said she was fine.

The night before it rained and the trail was muddy. We came to a steep hill and were riding up it and the horse behind Daisy headbutted my horse and she spooked and cantered up the hill at full speed. She was starting to slip; that’s when she reared up. She was falling back with me still on her.

Everyone was yelling to jump, but I was scared. So right before she fell I tumbled down the hill and hit a tree. As Dasiy was slidding down she had this look in her eye thats said, “I’m sorry.” I felt bad. The person running the trail came and started hitting Dasiy with the reins. It wasn’t Dasiy’s fault – I let the people know what was happening.

This year we rode again and I saw Daisy, but I wasnt ready to hop back on her. I was really nervous to get back on and ride. I picked a Paint mare because I love them. She was so nice and seemed to know I was scared. I started to cry because the fear was a lot. Her name was Cheyanne she was huge.

I hope to be taking hunter-jumper lessons.

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Trail Ride Went Bad

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Dec 21, 2011

Your trail ride

by: Jessica

Hi Kristi,

I’m so sorry to hear that Daisy was treated so badly because she slipped on that slope and reared up while you were riding her. Remember that hitting a horse is never the answer to any problem or the correct punishment for bad behaviour (which Daisy was not displaying).

I hope that you get over your fears very soon and will be able to ride Daisy again. Like you said, she didn’t want to hurt you and she really sounds like a lovely mare.

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