About Me

About Me


Jessica Young is a teenage author who lives in South Africa. She is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and strives to please the Lord in everything she does. Jessica lives with her parents, three siblings, two dogs and a number of chickens. When she completes her schooling, it is her desire to study journalism or enter some other literature faculty at university.

Jessica’s interests (besides writing, her family and her academics) revolve around motorbikes, rugby, cars, downhill mountain biking, photography, piano, dancing and horses. In her free time she enjoys watching films, reading and social networking.

Jessica says that she is constantly getting ideas for new stories and she finds it extremely frustrating. “I’ll just start processing one brilliant idea and then another incredible one pops into my head!” she says. “Sometimes I think that God has set my brain to ‘inspiration overdrive’.”

Jessica has been writing since the age of eight when she began composing one-page stories for a horse-crazy friend of hers. Her first proper book was originally titled The Black Stallion: Zambia and was completed at age thirteen (now under the title Ace’s Trilogy: Home). Though she had written several other novels by the time she turned fourteen, she struggled to get them published. As of 2012, she is seventeen-years-old, has several completed books under her name and many, many others either in concept or as work in progress.

Aside from writing books, Jessica has done several articles for South African magazines, namely Seventeen and HQ Pony, and created two websites, Learn About Horses and History Lesson Plans. She plans to follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen and ‘live by her pen’.

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