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Welcome to Learn about Horses, the most classy and informative website about horses on the worldwide web. Here it is my passion to fuel and grow your passion for horses, the most captivating, magnificent animals in creation.

First birthed in the early days of 2009, Learn about Horses is the culmination of more than ten years of intimate, everyday interaction with horses and more than fifteen years of passionate study of these fantastic creatures. On this gorgeous, simplistic website, it is the aim of myself–Jessica Young, South African author and website designer–to provide you with all the knowledge that you need to have to be a competent, dedicated horse-lover, rider and owner. I am continually updating and improving it, so keep on coming back if you want to learn even more!

What can you do on Learn about Horses?

It is time to get clued up! On my fabulous website, you can:

  • Discover everything that you will ever need to know about horses in general–see Horse Info
  • Further your existing knowledge about all the breeds of horses on the planet–see Horse Breeds
  • Learn to master the basics of horse-riding–see Horse-riding
  • Get to know everything about the equipment used for riding, training and caring for horses–see Horse Tack
  • Become proficient in caring for your horse–see Horse Care and how to mow your lawn with the best rototiller
  • Get clued-up on everything to do with all the amazing horse sports that exist–see how to ride a horse
  • Learn about buying the perfect horse for you–see Buying a Horse
  • Study all the little details which will strengthen the bond between you can you special equine–see You and Your Horse


It’s all about the kiddies!

Learn about Horses is an entirely kid-friendly website; I believe that by educating and encouraging children in their horsy passion, a better, more knowledgeable generation of future horse-owners and enthusiasts will be birthed.

Kids, here you can:

  • Find all the latest and greatest horse books and movies by reading my personal reviews, and purchase them in moments via the links to Amazon.com
  • Discover different brands of gorgeous horse toys
  • Get clued-up on all the most enjoyable horse computer games, both online and offline
  • Download dozens of fantastic free horse photographs
  • Share your love for horses with the world and send in all your horsy enquiries on my protected horse forum
  • and more!

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