Horse Photographs

Horse Photographs


Are you looking for high quality horse photographs? Well, as the author, designer, owner–and chief photographer of Learn About Horses–I am proud to say that my website will supply you with some of the most beautiful photographs that you have ever seen. Simple, intimate, well-edited and varied, Learn About Horses‘ photographs are royalty free and uncoyrighted and downloadable with a single click of your mouse!

You can also get horse photographs from other websites such as Clipart and iStockPhoto. However, though Clipart does offer free photographs, they are often overused and often the quality is not particularly good. The ones on iStockPhoto are of the highest quality, but you will have to be a registered iStockPhoto user, and must pay between $3-$50 to download them depending on their size and quality.

1. These photographs are available for both public and private useage.
2. There are no regulations regarding the personal/private use of these horse photographs.
3. If you are to use these photographs for anything public (e.g. book covers, e-books, website headers, etc.), please credit ‘’ as the source of the photograph(s).
4. If you would like the full-size versions of these photographs, please contact me via the contact page.
5. If anyone would like a copy of any of the photographs that are included on this page, please refer them to this page so that they may download the pictures themselves.

Instructions for download:
1. Click on the link to the photograph. It will open in a new tab or window on your Internet browser.
2. Once the photograph has opened, right-click it.
3. Click ‘Save picture as…’ on the grey banner that will appear.
4. Navigate the folder into which you want to save the photograph.
5. Click ‘Save’. You’re done!

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