Horse Care

Horse Care


If you own a horse, or are around them, it is important for you to know basic horse care, such as grooming,
washing, feeding, mucking out, seasonal care, health care and many others. This section of Learn About Horses
will help you with all these things.

Grooming – It is very important that a horse gets groomed at least twice per day. If you do not groom
your horse, its coat will get full of dirty, dust, mud and grass stains.
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Washing – Even though grooming is very important for the health of your horse, washing is just as
necessary. Some horses enjoy being bathed, but others find it a bit stressful.
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Feeding – Because horses have small stomachs, but large intestines, they tend to be rather hard to feed.
This page will give you all you need to know about the basics of feeding your horse.
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Mucking Out – Making sure that your horse’s stable and paddocks are clean is essential for the health of
your equine. If you do not clean your horse’s stall and paddock, they could pick up many nasty diseases.
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Seasonal Care – With each different season comes different duties for you concerning the health and comfort
of your horse. Here are some tips and pointers.
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Health Care – One of the most important things to know if you are going to be around horses is how to tell a
sick or unhealthy horse from a healthy one. On this page you will find the basics.
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Horse First Aid – Everyone says, “Oh, that will never happen to me!” and when they do have some for of accident
that injures their horse, they wish they had known horse first aid.
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Horse Illnesses – Even if your horse lives in the top-rated stables and is cared for by the most experienced
professionals, he or she will suffer from some form of horse illnesses at least once in their life.
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Caring for a Sick Horse – It is very important that you know how to care for a horse that is sick or recovering
from some form of injury. Here are a few tips and pointers.
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Hoof Care – At Holistic Hoof and Horsecare you learn everything
about the hoof care your horse or pony needs. Good hoof care is essential for the well-being and performance of your horse.

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