Mucking Out

Mucking Out


Making sure that your horse’s stable and paddocks are clean is essential for the health of your
equine. If you do not clean your horse’s stall and paddock, they could pick up many nasty diseases. I know
that mucking out is not the most fun thing to do, but horse manure is not all that smelly and if you try
to make mucking out seem fun then you might just manage.

The Stable
You will need:
a) A wheel barrow
b) A shovel
c) A yard brush
d) Four-pronged fork
e) Shavings fork

1. First, remove all the droppings that you can see on the surface of the sawdust (or whatever other bedding
you use. I will use sawdust because it is the most common bedding) using the shavings fork and then toss
them into the wheel barrow.

2. Once you have completed this part of mucking out, toss the top layer of sawdust to the walls of the
stall. If any manure falls out, remove it into the wheel barrow. After all of the top layer sawdust is
at the sides of the stall; scoop the remaining sawdust on the floor up with the shovel. This sawdust is
wet and needs to go into the wheel barrow.

3. Now that all the good bedding is stacked up around the stall and the wet bedding is gone, all you need
to do for this part of mucking out is sweep up any remaining muck on the floor. Use the yard brush for this
and then remove the muck from the stall with the shovel.

4. If possible, leave the floor of the stall to air and dry for a bit to get rid of the manure and urine
smell. Twenty to ten minutes is enough. Once it has aired, take all the sawdust and spread it back out
over the floor. If you need more sawdust, cut open a package of sawdust in the stall and use the four-pronged
fork to take out as much as you need.

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