Horse Types

Horse Types


Horse Types. Not many people think that there could be such a class of horse breeds. But yet, some of the most famous horse breeds
like the Appaloosa, the Palomino and the Pinto or Paint Horse are in a totally separate group called “Types”.
They still can be Hot Blood horses, Cold Blood horses or Warm Blood Horses but they are not called “breeds”. The reason for this is that the horses
in the “types” group either have highly rare or unusual coats or are bred for a specific sport or purpose.

The Appaloosa – The Appaloosa is the most unusual horse in the whole world. Its whole body is covered in spots which can vary in
colour from white with black, brown or gray spots, to black, brown or gray with white spots!
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The Cob – Cob’s have that sort of sweet, gentle giant look that makes you love them at first sight. They are sturdy, calm and
willing to the very end. It is a real gentleman of a horse and will do anything to please its rider.
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