Best Cowboy Boots

To find the best cowboy boots, we found the Coconuts By Matisse Gaucho Boot as the top choice for most people. It’s a simple yet appealing pair with fancy features – man-made synthetic design with accent stitching and a comfortable slip-on system. The synthetic sole offers a snug fit which keeps your feet cool and comfortable for longer. Meanwhile, the boot opening and heel height are that of western styles, making this a best dress and work boot. All in all, this pair is a best contender for its high-quality design. They do not get scuffed and are easy to clean in the long run.

The Ariat Rambler Western Cowboy Boot is our favorite pick on the list because of its Advanced Torque Stability technology. It features a rugged composite forked shank and a durable outsole for intense performance. The best part about this boot is that it looks as competent and durable as it actually is. The features hold themselves up at higher standards which make this boot a best fit for anyone looking for professional-grade and long-lasting usability. Lastly, this boot works on all outfits even with its square toe construction. The leather upper comes with a showy stitching which make Western outfits look more fancy.

The Deer Stags Ranch Kids Cowboy Boot is the most sophisticated cowboy boot – for the lowest price. That, according to many consumers is the best quality a pair of cowboy boots can offer to you. It’s a well-designed boot for children between the ages of 4 and 8 & 8 and above. Deer Stags is a best brand for its high-quality design and durability. This boot features a more classic western style with man-made construction and a synthetic sole. The shaft and heel measurement is comfortable enough for kids. Meanwhile, the accent stitching makes it a best fit for all showy outfits.

A Little Background

Buying a pair of cowboy boots is a practical gear for most people. Especially when you spend most of your time out on the range. Modern cowboy boots come in varied sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. So buying plain looking cowboy boots, unless that’s what you want, is not the only choice you have. Historically, cowboy boots were worn by cowboys as they’ve been a part of the equestrian lifestyle for many generations.

You will find all types of cowboy footwear ranging from pointed toe construction, high shaft, and of varied materials. The 2 main types are western or classic and roper cowboy boots. The former is well-distinguished and known for its mid-calf, angled heel, and tall boot shaft. The latter is the product of modern designs featuring a shorter boot shaft, a low heel, and rounded toe construction. Even a western boot features either a rounded or squared toe shape. (1)

Roper designs are mass produced to suit the needs of an individual. Custom-fit lace fittings, zipper, lace-up design, and varied sole quality are all a part of its demeanor; that many cowboys look forward to. You will find that buying the best cowboy boots is a lot harder than you thought. However, with the help of this guide, you should be able to pick the right price range and style for your needs.

Picking The Best Type

Deciding the right style and fit of a boot is not complete without decided how the cowboy will be used in the long run. You can wear cowboy boots for rugged work, competitions, or even casually. And picking the wrong type will certainly overlap with your daily activities, unless you know what you are buying right away.

Here are the main differences and features of cowboy boots.

Work Boot: A work boot is often waterproof and slip-resistant. It comes with a leather design that is backed by a wicking lining and a rounded or steel toe construction. The rubber sole offer better resistance against chemicals, making walking on all surfaces easy and worry-free. As for the heel design, a work boot has a low heel with a distinct lace-up design. Making it easier on cowboys to wear the right shoes for the job at hand.

Rodeo Boot: A rodeo boot features a slightly higher heel design than a work boot. It’s fancier with a pull hole design instead of a strap. There’s a noticeable lip above the heel which helps hold the spur in its correct place. This type of boot has a much similar taste to a western boot for most cowboys.

Roper Boot: A roper boot is also known as a casual boot. It is designed for casual and low maintenance use. With fashionable stitching that requires oiling or condition on a regular basis, especially if it is a leather boot, a roper boot can be worn with suits and casual outfits.

Dress Boot: A dress boot is one that can be worn with all formal outfits. A dress boot boasts of varied designs and shapes with decorative lining in different colors and prints. You will find a dress boot of exotic materials as well as in cutouts, overlays, and printed designs. These are generally of a more western design than for work use.

Stockman Boot: A Stockman boot is designed for anyone doing serious work. If you want to get the job done and look good, the rubber soles, short heels, and wide toe box of this type will keep you company. It even comes with plenty of detailing and decorating lining, based on your style and preferences.

Buckaroo Boot: A Buckaroo boot is one which is specifically designed for shows. They have a completely different aesthetic and decorative stitching than Western styles, so the attention is mostly on its design rather than its function. Consider Buckaroo boots as a fashion statement. You will find a few very durable models on the market, all but at a higher price.

Riding Boot: A cowboy riding boot was traditionally worn in English riding groups. This boot is more performance-oriented rather than design. It is durable, breathable, and comfortable. Plus, they offer a plain design so they’re easy to spot among more Western styles.

How We Picked

After choosing the type of boot you’d want, you need to consider picking the right material, heel, color, and size of the boot.


The most used materials for cowboy boots are leather, alligator, snake, and artificial materials. It’s important to know which material you want that will suit your needs.

Leather is a more traditional option on the market. It’s durable, rugged, and easy to clean. And studies have it, traditional leather can last for a very long time. However, maintaining leather is not as easy as maintaining other artificial materials. So if you’re willing to put in the effort to polish and condition leather, go ahead with it. Its durability is definitely worth taking into consideration.

Snake and alligator skin, on the other hand, aren’t as durable and comfortable as leather, but they make great dress shoes. So if you’re looking for something that makes a fashion statement, go for such exotic skins.

Artificial materials make best competitors for their waterproof, chemical-resistant, and moisture-resistant properties. It’s also easier to fashion a best-looking design on artificial materials than leather or exotic skins.


The sole and the heel of a cowboy boot are significant features. The average heel height of a boot that’s comfortable is somewhere between 0.75 to 1.75 inches. In addition to that, all vintage or fancy dress boots are much higher than that. Even though the heel height is a more personal preference for many buyers, there are two ways to look at the heel design for a best cowboy boot.

Straight Cut Heels, as the name suggests, are straight throughout. They look flat as if they have been pressed on by a giant industrial cutter. Straight cut heels are best for walking.

Undershot Heels are more rounded than the former pick. The back of the foot angles forward to the point where the front of the foot touches the ground. So, as a result, the front of the boot is smaller and more angled than the back of the boot. Undershot heels are best used in a dress boot or rodeo boot. Simply put, they make best fashion statements for shows.


Color plays an important role in shopping for cowboy boots. If you’re looking for a more traditional color, go for either black or brown, which is generally the color of traditional leather cowboy boots. However, different materials offer new and exciting color schemes with decorative lining. Black and brown match any wardrobe style. They’re best for work, casual use, and for shows even. Brighter colors are plain attention grabbers. You can even opt for boot covers that allow you to re-design and color coordinate your style with your wardrobe as and when you want.


The fit of a boot depends on the style of the boot that you have chosen for yourself. A proper fit is such that doesn’t feel stuffy and hot. You should be able to wiggle your toes, while feeling no pressure at the arch, the sides, and the front and back of your feet. If your feet are longer, it’s essential to opt for a wider toe construction than usual. A rounded or squared toe construction works for most people, thanks to its spacious and breathable design.

Make sure there’s plenty of toe room, width, arch, and instep support. This ensures your boot fits your properly without causing fatigue or sweating. (2)

Our Best Pick

The best cowboy boots on the market is the Coconuts By Matisse Gaucho Boot. It features a comfortable boot opening with a synthetic sole and high-quality design. We like this pick because of its valuable cost and easy to wear construction. It is comfortable enough to be worn with almost any outfit, including extra equestrian accessories for long hauls. You can pair it jeans, shorts, tights, etc. And it feels lighter than most cowboy boots on the market. What we loved the most about it is that its outsole has a best material strength to resist general wear and tear even on concrete surfaces.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

However, the sizing on these best cowboy boots are a little inaccurate. So we’d advise you to measure your accurate feet boot size and opt for a size smaller or bigger based on your style preferences.

Our Best Step-Up Pick

Our high-budget pick is the Ariat Rambler Western Cowboy Boot. It offers a durable sole, leather construction, and steel shank for optimal performance. The narrow design of the boots make it easier on anyone to walk for longer hours. Also the leather construction feels breathable and comfy enough to last for a long time. The quality, texture, and appearance of these best cowboy boots are high-end and offer the comfort of rubber. If you have wider feet than normal, these will fit your feet perfectly well.

Our Best Budget Pick

A best under-budget pick for children is the Deer Stags Ranch Cowboy Boot. It offers a comfortable fit and the faux leather design looks attractive. These may not be as expensive or high-grade as our previous pick, but they’re great for children. Best for children with wide feet, it is a best pair for wearing at shows and parties. Since children grow out of their clothing pretty fast, you can take these boots with you until they don’t fit your kid anymore. It’s worth the price you pay; plus they’re super easy to clean.

Best Pick for Children

The Smoky Mountain Monterey Western Boot is our second best cowboy boot for kids. It features a close, form-fitting western stitch pattern with a medium round toe and faux leather. It’s comfortable, fits well, and durable. They hold up well for a year and half use. Which makes it a best choice for many picky shoppers. Moving forward, you will surely get compliments on not only its performance, but also its design. It’s great to walk around in for longer hours. If you need something for regular use, this is the boot you should aim for. Pair it with thicker socks and your kid feels cool and comfortable throughout.

Best Pick for Men

The Smoky Mountain Denver Leather Western Boot boasts of features that make it an exclusive pick for most men. With a leather foot, upper, and full-body construction, this pick is a class-apart for its design. The steel shank bodes well with the western heel and toe –  making it an ideal choice for parties, work, and shows. These cowboy boots have a structure to them that prevents slipping or tearing. Best for country use, this pair will keep you company while offering the best arch support and stability, especially on uneven ground. That said, the lack of scuffs on them make them best for gifting, if that’s what you prefer.

Best Pick for Women

The Soda Red Reno Western Cowboy Boots are pointed, knee high pull up boots for women. It features a durable synthetic fabric and sole to resist daily wear and tear. You will love the heel and shaft design on this pick. It has the most perfect fit that slides in and out in seconds. The design will remain in good shape for a long time. The extra price you pay for these is worth noting as the quality matches up to its high price tag. Unlike cheaper models, this one keeps moisture and sweat away from your feet. And where other brands offer the thickest construction, that most often than not feels crowded, this one has the most breathable and comfortable fit.

Best Pick for Dress Boots

Get the Coconuts By Matisse Cimmaron Boots to stay dry and comfortable. It compliments most outfits you wear with its leather and high-quality synthetic design. These are very comfortable boots for walking and for work. They feature a good fitting design which makes it a reliable pair. It offers a good arch curve support. With a 9-inch shaft and one and a half inch heel. The stitching makes it a good western-style boot. You can say that this boot maintains a high standard quality to limit discomfort and increase cushioning where it’s most needed. With that said, we think this boot is the best dress boot for long-term use.

Best Pick for Breathability

The Roper Basic Square Toe Western Boot is a basic western boot for men. It’s a complete synthetic build with a durable rubber sole. The rubber sole makes it easier to walk in for longer hours. Hence preventing fatigue, stiffness, and feet cramps. Especially during the beginning, cowboy boots have a knack of feeling too stiff. But with its flexible sole, you no longer have to feel uncomfortable to “break-in” the cowboy boots. With a 1.5-inch heel and 11-inch arch curve from shaft, we found that this boot is a great pair of work boots to consider. It even has a good lightweight and airy feeling.

Best Pick for Long-Term Use

The Smoky Mountain Denver Leather Child Boot features a rubber sole, leather construction, and leather upper. It even has a western-styled heel and toe construction with a steel shank. These are basic features that have been made durable and efficient for use. Making these the best cowboy boots for kids. For extra comfort, it even features a well-cushioned sole for long-lasting use. These shoes are well-made, especially for walking. They withstand regular wear and tear against dirt, dust, and other elements. And when you know it’s designed durable enough for children use, you know it’s a good choice.

Best Pick for Western Boots

Get the Laredo 12-Inch Tucker Boot if you want a leather and synthetic blend. It is a pure Tucker boot which means it’s designed for mid-calf western use. This boot has a leather-polished finish with decorative finishing. These boots are also easy to slip on and off for quick use. Making it one of the most accessible and easy-to-wear cowboy boots on the market. The sole of the boots, in comparison to other picks, is well-ventilated and well-cushioned for support. So these boots keep you active and highly functional in all kinds of environments.

The Competition

Many cowboys boots haven’t made it to our list as they simply were unable to match up to our top picks. The market is brimming with varied styles and shapes of cowboy boots, so finding the right pair can be hard. However, with this guide, you can rest assured about the quality and deliverance of our products. These shoes are reliable, durable, and effective. They offer incredible comfort factors to everyone. And most of them come with excellent durability options as well.

Some Important Maintenance Tips

If you’re buying high-quality cowboy boots, you need to take care of them in the long run.

Waterproofing The Boot

The first step is to waterproof the boot, and the way to do that is to use silicone polymer spray. This protects the lining of the boot from environmental damages caused by general wear and tear. Make sure the boot is kept in a well-lit and ventilated space. Place it on a sheet of newspaper and hold the spray about a foot or two away from the boot. Make sure you spray the silicone polymer evenly.

Let the boot dry for 30 minutes before applying another coat on it. Again let it dry for 30 minutes. Repeat this waterproofing once every few months. It’s very important that you do this as it keeps your boot dry and clean for indoor and outdoor use, especially when you’re wearing them in the wet climate.

Cleaning The Boot

  1. Remove the mud and dirt with the help of a soft-bristle brush. Boots are prone to dust collection especially close to the heel and the lining. If there’s too much dirt to deal with, you can use mild soap water to remove the dirt. If a brush won’t work, a small plastic spoon can unclog thick layers of hardened dust and mud.
  2. Use a damp cloth or a damp sponge to extract layers of dirt on the boot. If your footwear is made of pure suede use a nylon brush instead of a damp sponge to clean the dirt.
  3. Soap and water are good for a gentle wash for any kind of boot. They wipe down the outer lining of the boot to make it look shiny and as good as new.
  4. The seams of the boot are the most difficult to clean, especially when it has hardened dirt stuck all over it. To clean such a problem-prone area, use a plastic toothbrush and dip it in soap water to clean away the collected dirt.

Conditioning and Polishing Leather Boots

Buying a good leather conditioner can go a long way. Start by dabbing it on the skin of your boot with a soft cloth. Leave the conditioner on the boot for a couple of hours. If the leather looks darker, but not too dark, then the conditioner is good for long-term use. But if the leather starts to look extremely dark and faded, you need to use a different conditioner.

It’s important to condition your leather boots at least once every 6 six months. This prevents creasing, cracking, and discoloring of the boot. It also helps keep the leather dry and shiny for long-term use. A conditioner is important as it adds moisture to the leather, especially for the dry summer months. Just as you need to stay hydrated all night and day long, leather needs conditioning too.

Once you condition your boots, make sure to wipe it with a clean cloth after 24 hours.

The next step is to polish leather boots. Polishing not only adds shine to a boot, it moisturizes the skin so it doesn’t lose color. A thin layer of leather polish would do the trick which you can wipe with a clean cloth. Each polishing agent comes with its unique instructions, so make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using it on your boot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the best cowboy boot fitting?
  2.  It’s important to find the right ball of the foot for a boot size. To do that, you need to stand on both your feet, distributing your weight on each foot. Determine the widest part of your foot, also known as the ball of your foot. If the ball of your foot is the widest part, your size is best determined by it. If done incorrectly, it can cause distress and stiffness. The right boot sizes alleviates any discomfort beneath the foot. So trying different sizes for a secure fit is essential.

Toe Room

Your boot’s toe room varies depending upon the style and shape of the boot. But, in hindsight, every boot must provide sufficient toe room space for comfort. Your feet may or may not be different than other people. What I mean is that you might have longer toes or shorter toes than others. With that said, looking for a manufacturer that features additional reinforcements for the toe constructions, such as including toe cap, is important. This additional feature will take pressure off of your toes. If the toe cap of a boot is too tight for you, consider buying a larger size.


The boot width is the second most important aspect of a boot’s fitting after the toe cap. To find out the ideal boot width, distribute your weight evenly on each foot and look straight down at your feet. If the boot feels comfortable, you will be able to see the stitching at the outsole of the boot, on both sides. This means it’s a good fit for your feet. However, if you are unable to view the outsole stitching on either side, you need a wider width boot.

This step is extremely important because it determines how you feel once you wear the boots. An incorrect fit will feel too loose and sloppy after a point. This may impact the stitching of the boot, making it delicate, loose, and worn down, shortly after use.


Arch support of any footwear determines the durability and comfort factor. If the arch of the boot matches the curves of your feet, it means it will feel comfortable and long-lasting. If you have a higher, lower, or no arch curve than others, you no longer have to settle for something slightly uncomfortable. And if you think the discomfort will eventually die after a few months of use, you’re wrong. A best pair of cowboy boots need to feel comfortable and offer support right from the beginning. That is even when you’re breaking them in for the first few weeks.


The instep of any boot should be tight enough to not wrinkle. To determine the right instep fit, take the leather material between your index and thumb finger and rub gently across the instep of the boot. If the material is too loose, it will develop a wrinkle. Unless it’s a slight wrinkle, your boots are best enough to fit you well and feel breathable in the long run.

Heel Slippage

If you think a little heel slippage, especially during the first few weeks of wearing brand-new boots, means the size isn’t right, you’re wrong. It’s completely normal for your heel to slip back on the boot. Unless it’s a little more than a quarter of an inch. The only reason why your heel may be slipping a bit inside the boot is the sole is still too stiff to conform to your feet. This means it needs to be “broken in” to fit your size. Once the soles adapt to your walking style and outsole of the boot, it should feel comfortable and secure.

Heel slippage, especially when it’s more than half an inch toward the back or front of the boot, based on the heel height, is not normal. This just means you need a new pair of cowboy boots, of a smaller size.

This will give you the best idea on how to find your right cowboy boot size for the best cowboy boots on the market.

Wrapping it Up

All in all, we like the Coconuts By Matisse Gaucho Boot as our best cowboy boot on the market. It can be worn for daily use, all-day activities, and for shows. It’s our most favorite pick on the list for the sole reason that it provides a best budget, shape, and material strength for long-term use. If you’re missing out on the best features for a cowboy boot in your current choice, this model has what you most absolutely need. It fits your feet as much as it suits your personal style.