Hot Blood Horses

Hot Blood Horses

white horse grazing

Hot Blood horses are called “Hot Bloods” for two main reasons – And neither of these has to do with their blood temperature:
One; they tend to come from the hotter countries like Arabia, Egypt and places like that.
And finally; they are hot bloods! Well, hot heads actually as they tend to be highly strung and hot tempered.
But even with these difficult temperaments people have always been drawn to the faster, wilder, more beautiful and more
enchanting Hot Blood horses rather then their heavy, fuzzy and slow Cold Blood horse cousins.

The Akhal-Teke Horse – The Akhal-Teke horse is a truly amazing and abnormal equine. It is also known as the Turkmen, which relates to the area of
the world it comes from; the deserts of Turkmenistan, a region to the north of Iran and to the east of the Caspian Sea.
>>> Read more…

The Andalusian Horse – With breeding that goes back to Spanish and North African bloodlines, the Andalusian horse is not a very fast animal,
but has excellent gaits. >>> Read more…

The Anglo-Arab Horse – The Anglo-Arab horse is a cross between Thoroughbred and Arabian blood as you probably already know. But there’s more to this
breed than meets the eye. >>> Read more…

The Arabian Horse – The Arabian horse is the oldest breed of horse in the world. For many years it was used by the Arabian knights as
war horses in the deserts of Arabia. >>> Read more…

The Barb Horse – The Barb horse is one horse whose origins lie in mystery. No one knows where it first originated from,
but what we do know is that they came from the North African regions like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
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The Lusitano Horse – Anyone looking at a Lusitano horse for the first time might mistake them for an Andalusian horse. However, these two breeds
of horses are only related to each other, not one and the same. >>> Read more…

The Maremmano Horse – The Maremmano horses are bred in the hills of Tuscany. They are traditional mounts for the butteri, or cattlemen. Maremma
is a coastal tract on the Tyrrhenian Sea that extends from Piombino to Orbetello. >>> Read more…

The Tersk Horse – The Tersk horse, like the Kabardin, comes from northern Caucasus. However, unlike the Kabardin, the Tersk horses are a more recent
breed, being properly developed from 1921 onwards at the Tersk and Stavropol Studs.>>> Read more…

The Thoroughbred Horse – Though the life of man has been incredibly interwoven with that of the horse, no achievement in the area of equines has ever
been as great as that of the ‘inventing’ of the Thoroughbred horse. >>> Read more…

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