You and Your Horse

You and Your Horse

Every kid who loves horses wants a horse of their own. You want people to say things like “You and your horse.” and you
want to be able to say, “Me and my horse.” I know this because I want it too!
So, what do you need to consider when buying a horse? Well, there are lots of things – too many, in fact, to put onto this
page alone, so I have separated the major things that are involved with buying your own horse into several pages. Just click
on one of the links below to learn more about buying your own horse. Remember – choose carefully! You want things to be
just right for you and your horse.

Tips on Buying a Horse – Here are helpful tips on buying a horse to get you facing in the right direction so that
you do not make a mistake and buy the wrong horse.>>> Read more…

Where to Buy a Horse – Take a look at this page for instructions on where you can look to buy the right horse.
>>> Read more…

Trying a Horse – Never buy a horse before you have ridden it! If you do, you could be making the biggest mistake of
your life. Read up on this page about trying a horse. >>> Read more…

Vetting a Horse – Just as you never buy a horse before you have ridden it, you don’t ever buy a horse before you have
him or her vetted. See this page for the details on vetting a horse. >>> Read more…

Join Up – Join up is a way of getting your horse to trust you as well as establishing yourself as the
leader of your little ‘herd’. >>> Read more…

T Touch – T Touch is a form of massage that helps horses to relax. It is pretty simple and is not exhausting,
unlike join up and shadowing. >>> Read more…

Shadowing – Shadowing is not an incredibly well-known technique. The Native Americans used a similar method called
‘running down’ to capture practically wild or difficult horses. >>> Read more…

Things for Your Horse – There are plenty of things for your horse that he or she will enjoy. Some of them you can
make yourself and others you can buy at the shops.

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