T Touch

T Touch


T Touch – T Touch is a form of massage that helps horses to relax. It is pretty simple and is not exhausting,
unlike join up and shadowing. Any of you out there who have read Lauren Brooke’s Heartland series will know what
I’m talking about. Here’s how you do it:

1. Get the horse you will be doing T Touch on into its loose box. Once it is in there, you get in and stand beside the
horse. Run your hands all over his or her body to find any knotted or tight muscles.

2. Once you know where all the tight muscles are on the horse, begin to rub your fingers firmly, but gently, over the
muscle. If the horse reacts badly to a firm touch, try lighter until he or she starts to relax. However, if the muscle
does not appear to be loosening up, try to push a light firmer.

3. Rub all the tight stops until the horse is relaxed. Some people used diluted lavender oil which they put on their
fingers and on the coat of the horse above the knotted muscles when doing T Touch. The scent of lavender helps the
horse de-stress and relaxes them.

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