Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Welcome to the Horse Breeds section! Here you can learn about Hot Bloods, Cold Blood, Warm Bloods and other horse types.

Hot Bloods – Hot Blood horses are called “Hot Bloods” for two main reasons – And neither of these has to do with their blood temperature:
One; they tend to come from the hotter countries like Arabia, Egypt and places like that. And finally; they are hot bloods!
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Cold Bloods – Cold Blood horses are much heavier and slower then the wild and highly strung Hot Blood horses.
They also tend to be quieter and much more dependable then the Hot Bloods and, are also surprisingly cute and cuddly if you look at them long enough.
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Warm Bloods – Warm Blood horses are what you get when you breed a Cold Blood horse to a Hot Blood horse.
The result of such a breeding is a strong, fast, agile, competitive and loyal horse which now make up the majority of the horse breeds in the world.
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Horse Types – Some breeds like the Appaloosa, the Palomino and the Pinto or Paint Horse are not classified in the above groups.
They are in a totally separate group called “Types”. >>> Read more . . .

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