About My Horse

About My Horse

by Bryson

(OH, BainBridge Road-Tong Hollow)

Well, my horse’s name is Luke; this is one thing about him: he chases my dog. He eats and finishes in 50 seconds; he’s a good boy and he’s perfect for riding, just not the first time!

He knows me because he comes to me when he sees me by the fence and he loves me because everytime I leave to go back in the house I give him a hug; he actually hugs me back!

He’s a very special boy and hes in a pen with another horse named Lily. I ride him everyday.

That’s about my horse, BUT the thing is that he’s not actually MY horse, but my neighbour’s. When I am ten, I want to get my very one horse; I hope that she/he is like Luke.

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