Beautiful and amazing

Beautiful and amazing

by Emma

(Australia, South Australia,Gawler/Salisbury North)

Im gonna talk about my BFFS horse and my own.
My best friends horse is absolutely gorgeous and mad my horse is calm and handsome!
My best friend has an unbreakable bond with her horse but my family things the horse is plain mean i think that calling a horse mean is like banning it from having a human partner nobody wants a mean horse but if you ask me her horse is amazing gorgeous and pure hearted, her horse loves her and follows her in the paddock and wouldnt give up the world for sophia ( my friend) However my horse and i have a bond as well not as strong but we still have one his name is Biscuit and i love him like he is my own son I wouldnt trade anything for him he is so handsome and is not for me he would be dead and turned into dog food by now since i have had him (18 months) i have been able to teach him to trot ( he is seven yrs old now) canta and jump do dressage arch his neck and even gallop i think over this amazing time i have had with him our bond has truely grown strong and i can’t wait till our bond is as strong as Sophias with her horse.

Thanks for this website it will help me find out more about my horse and i will be able to understand what he is trying to communicate to me!

Emma Ponting from SA

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Beautiful and amazing

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Jun 26, 2011


by: Jessica

Dear Emma

I’m so happy that you have such an amazing bond with your horse, Biscuit, and that you have trained him so beautifully. I’m glad that you enjoy finding horse information on my website and that you are using the information you find to understand your horse better.

All the very best,

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