by Kayla

(breckenridge tx, north america)

Diamond is a half breed. She is half mustang and half quarter horse. Right now she is at my bubba’s ranch because we can’t keep her at the lake.

I love to ride her too. What makes Diamond special is that she understands the human laungauge. You can ask her these questions and she responds (her nickname is patty.) “Patty, are you hungry?” her answer: yes. she shakes her head up and down for yes and side to side for no. “Patty, am I your best friend? yes. Patty, do you like bubba? maybe. she just looks at you and spins her head around. she cocks her head from side to side. She makes everybody laugh. “Patty, do you want to go riding?” most of the time yes sometimes no. “Patty, So you feel pretty?”
Sometimes yes most of the time no. So I go get the brush and pink lead rope. I brush her for at least twenty minutes. She really meant it when she said the she didnt feel preety. After we brush her I ask her “Now so you feel pretty?” No so I say ok. “lets go take a bath.” Patty smiles at me, kicks up on her heels and darts to the fence. She knows the routine.

Bubbua and I follow her at our own pace, she trots back to us and pushes us faster. Giggle. When we are almost there she runs back to the fence. I tie her up while bubba turns on the warm water. it’s my job to keep her calm and keep the water out of her eyes. When we are done I walk her around in the sun and make sure she doesn’t roll in the dirt. Then I take her back up to where we were brush her again and then ask “now do u feel pretty?” yes. We all laugh and smile.

At the end of the day I get her a bucket
of “candy” (sweet oats) and walk outside. Patty sees it at canters up to me. Patty, are you hungry?” yes. So I walk out her pen and she follows me. I pour the “candy” into her bucket and walk away. I shut the gate behind me. “See ya later Patty” Neigh! but she keeps eating.

We say good night and hug bubba and all that then we get on the car and went home.

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Nov 20, 2010

human language

by: alanna

I think all horses understand our language, depends what language they were trained by! Horses are one of the best listener on earth! You can tell them anything, and they obviously can’t tell anyone! not kidding, they understand PRETTY MUCH anything you say!

Oct 26, 2010


by: Jessica

Diamond sounds amazing! I’ve never met a horse that properly understands/responds directly to human language. Do you know why her nickname is Patty?

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