Holly, Lucy, Sunny & me

Holly, Lucy, Sunny & me

by Peyton Meyer

(Junction City WI USA)

This is about my 3 horses: Holly, Sunny and Lucy.

Sunny is a sorrel Saddlebred Quarter Horse gelding. He is 18 years old, and 16 hands. Sunny has some arthritis in his leg, but it doesn’t effect his riding or anything. Sunny was used has a jumping horse, so he is teaching me how to jump bareback!

Lucy is a 15 year old, 15 hand Appaloosa mare. She was rescued 6 years ago from going to be meat. I’ve had Lucy for about 1 year and we already have a bond you could have if you had her for around 10 years! Lucy can only ride undersaddle as bareback hurts her (I think).

Holly is my 8 hand, unbroken Welsh x Paint mare. She is a brown Tobiano, but she is more Welsh then she is Paint. My mom said if I can get her broke I can get a foal! Holly is ALMOST a wild horse.

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