Magic: Mustang of the West

Magic: Mustang of the West

by Natalie

(United States of America)

This 7 year-old mustang came from the ranges of Western United States. She is about 15 hands with a variety of colors in her coat. She grew up in the tough life of a wild horse, but was tagged for adoption by the Bureau of Land Management early in her life. Luckily, Magic was taken in by my first trainer, Carrie, who helped her become accustomed to a domesticated life and to the humans in it. This long process of bonding and training that can take even years to develop would reveal what an amazing horse Magic really is.

A horse that once would never let a human close to her, now teaches children and adults, like me, to ride and fully appreciate the beauty of the horse. To this day, Magic continues to be one of my greatest teachers and best friend.

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Magic: Mustang of the West

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Oct 28, 2010


by: Emma

Magic is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

I wish i had a horse!

Jun 16, 2010


by: Jessica

Magic is gorgeous!! You’re so lucky to be able to ride a Mustang 😛

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