My Drew

My Drew

by Evva Burts

(Okanogan, WA)

Me and my Drew

Me and my Drew

Me and my Drew

Drew at the animal hospital

Tolerates a lot of things


I met Drew about a year ago in February when the snow was still working on melting. He was a retired race horse who had been a ribbon-winning jumper and dressage horse. His old owners had leased him out a couple times but were looking to find him a home where he wouldn’t be raced again. My sister drove me down to their place for me to meet and ride him. The man asked me if I wanted a saddle or to jump on bareback, and because I am me and hate saddles I opted for bareback. The was this kindness in Drew’s eye, and though he was energetic from sitting idle for 2 years he was gentle. Sitting up on his back I got a feeling like I was at home. Two weeks later my mother took me to see Drew again, and I got to take him out into a field. Of course bareback again, I asked him to trot and then on the way back he got a little hot and let out a few bucks, though he wasn’t trying to throw me. I sat on him for 20 minutes saying “I have to go” even though I didn’t want to leave him. Another week passed and he was trailered up to where our horse property is. My heart felt so full and I was overwhelmed with happiness: Drew was mine–I officially owned my very own horse.

It took a while to get used to my energetic Thoroughbred who loved to gallop down the dirt road and stretch his legs. But getting used to him was the best days I spent bonding with a horse. Drew, I soon learned, was and still is afraid of cows and goats, but if he is in a gallop and focusing on moving forward then he is fearless. I cannot say that I have always been fearless around him, but it wasn’t him who made me afraid: it was a fear of losing him.

In August of last year Drew gave me a big scare: he had choke! The local vet had botched his teeth floating and it had caused him to get grain and hay lodged in his throat. He was tubed and hydrated the next day before we started the trip to the animal hospital that took a day to get there. They took care of him and got him fixed up, but I don’t think I had ever cried so much in my life. The thought that my horse might not make it kept going through my mind and I don’t think I could live without my noble steed. After that I moved into the trailer that was on the property so that I could be there and take care of Drew. He is still on the mend to make up for the weight he lost, he is getting better.

I don’t think I could ask for a better horse then Drew. He is a jealous horse who does not like it if I am tuning up horses and not riding him. But he always knows how I am feeling and has never thrown me. On occasion though he has tried to eat the book I read to him. He is my stargazing buddy, jogging partner, and companion.

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