My Master’s Stallion

My Master’s Stallion

by Page


My master’s stallion is the finest of all.
His coat is black as satin and his mane and tail are silken and full.
Loud and trumpeting is his neigh which is alike to the eagle’s call
And his loftily snort is like that of an angry bull.

My master’s stallion is muscular and tall,
But he is also fast, slender and elegant.
His gaits are like that of a rolling ball
And the sound of his hooves strike fear into all war elephants.

My master’s stallion is the most wild.
He is gusty and brave to the very core.
However with me, he is sweet, gentle and mild.
He is fast and agile and can chase down any boar.

My master’s stallion is never afraid.
He’ll never give up at any battle or fight.
He’s always in front on the most dangerous of raids
And he serves his purpose in the dark of the night.

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My Master’s Stallion

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May 02, 2011

Your poem

by: Jessica

Nicely written, Page! Is your poem set in the medievil time period or in Arabia?

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