Stirnir Gullsnudur

Stirnir Gullsnudur

by Anna

(Malmö, Sweden)

Stirnir at the age of 4½

Stirnir at the age of 4½

Stirnir at the age of 4½

Resting in the summer heat


Our first ride alone

Stirnir is an Icelandic name that means ‘shining star’. He truly is a star and I love him very much. He is my first horse after wanting a horse for 46 years. He’s a young, gifted and fabulous Icelandic horse. He’s very social, curious and likes to snuggle.

He’s trained in 4 gaits but he has the potential of 5 gaits. But since he’s only 5 years old, I have to wait to start to train the fifth gear–flying pace–otherwise there’s a risk of him mixing the gaits up.

Speedy is his middle name. He loves to run as fast as he can and sometimes I have a hard time to get him to focus on what I want.

As with most Icelandic horses his temper is calm and energy-saving, but also with a lot of power.
Of course he’s very cheeky, but I kind of like that.

Sometimes I wonder who’s the boss… Currently he’s on winter vacation with the other 21 horses from the stable, but soon we have to start training so that we can participate in our first ever competition.

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