The Miracle of My Life

The Miracle of My Life

by Malky


My family always takes a two month break from the city life about July-August time. We take a trip up to the Catskill Mountains where we have a lovely two-storey house waiting for us.

Well, one year during that season my neighbor Joseph’s horse was pregnant. Each day when we’d go past his farm we’d instinctively call out
“Hey Joseph, you horse poppin’ yet?” and he’d answer, “Not yet, but I sure will call you when she does”.

One day, we were barely awake when Joseph came up to the gate that divided our properties and began hollering, “I would hate to wake you in such a rude manner, but my horse-” we didn’t need to hear anything more. My mom, dad and and me grabbed our cameras and ran in our pajamas over to our nieghbor’s farm to watch the cycle of life begin.

What can I say? That was one experience I will never forget! Neither will my mom or dad! And each time we pass Joseph’s gate we try to get a glimpse of the horse we call “our witnessed miracle”. You can bet there’s a soft spot in my heart for that one!

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