This is my horse

This is my horse

by Carla

Hi, I’m Carla.

Look, I know we have to write about a horse that’s actually real, but anyway, here it goes:

Okay, I’m 12 and I have waited for about, let’s say, a long time to own a horse or a pony. I fell in love with horse-riding since the first time I got on a horse and now I’m ready to own a horse. I know I’m ready and my parents think so too,
but they still say no if I ask for one. I even offered to buy one with my money (even though I don’t have much), but that’s not their problem. Their problem is that I’m starting at a pretty pricey secondary school and they just couldn’t afford it! But I still have a dream about my dream horse…

It will be a mare, chestnut, Thoroughbred, around 15hh, and I’ll call her Bella.

That’s it, I guess. Thanks for letting me share my dream…I hope I’ll get lucky.

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