Horse Jokes

Horse Jokes


Horse jokes are so much fun to make up and share with other horsy friends, so come and have a laugh with my horse jokes!

1. How come the cowboy rode into town on Friday waited three days then rode out on Friday? His horse’s name was Friday!

2. What do you call a horse with a rough whinny? A hoarse whisper!

3. What is the principle part of a horse? The mane part!

4. What party do you have for a mare who is about to get married? A bridle shower!

5. Why did the Mr. Shetland cross the road? To meet the Mrs. Shire for lunch!

6. When does a horse talk? Whinny wants to!

7. What type of horse comes at Halloween? A Nightmare!

8. Where did the Horse Lover’s Newsletter come from? Straight from the horse’s mouth!

9. Mr. Smith is really crazy about horses. He decides to write a book on them
.his wife thinks he should write it on paper!!

10. What music do horses like to listen to? Hoof Beats!

11. Why did the horse cross the road? Because it was the chicken’s day off!

12. What do you call a newly married mare? A ‘Bridle’!

13. What’s a horse’s favorite type of story? A fairy tail!

14. What’s a horse’s favorite state? Maine!

15. What did the pony say when she saw her rider carrying a bridle? “Looks like reins a coming!”

16. How do you know that your horse has been in the fridge? The carrots and apples are gone and there are hoof prints in the oat bran!

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