Free Printable Horse Quizzes

Free Printable Horse Quizzes

Think that you are pretty knowledgeable about all things horse? Well, it is time to prove it with Learn about Horses‘ fantastic free printable horse quizzes! Whether you want to test your horsy smarts, brush up on your equine lingo, or merely have some fun, these free printable horse quizzes are just the thing for you. I offer horse quizzes on every possible horsy subject, and I am constantly making new quizzes to add to this page. So, get downloading for free by clicking on the links below!

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You will need Adobe Reader to download these horse quizzes.

General Horse Quiz


There are millions of topics and subjects regarding horses, but it is always useful to have a wide general knowledge of all things equine (fun stuff included) if you want to call yourself a horse-lover. Do you think that you have what it takes? Try my general horse quiz here!

Nervous? My Horse Information page should help you out a bit.

Hot Blood Horse Quiz


Hot Blood horses are exotic, excitable creatures, generally having Oriental origins. They are characterised by great speed and endurance, as well as renowned, refined beauty. Famous Hot Blood horse breeds include the Arabian, the Thoroughbred and the Andalusian. See how much you know about Hot Blood horses by downloading this quiz.

Want to brush up before taking the quiz? Read about Hot Blood horses here.

Horse Movies Quiz


I love movies, and I think that you will agree wholeheartedly with me when I state that there is almost no better combination than horses and movies. There are hundreds of breath-taking horse movies on the market today, some that are more than thirty years old, and others that were in cinema just this year. Consider yourself to be pretty clued-up on horse movies? Take this quiz to find out!

Want to refresh your memory? Go to my Horse Movies page to remind yourself of all the available horse movies.

Horse Books Quiz


Horse books are always enjoyable to any horse-lover, especially those horse-crazy people (like myself) who are fans of literature. Whether you have a classical taste for novels such as Black Beauty or whether you are more into something romantic like Heartland, no doubt you will enjoy surprising yourself with this quiz!

Somewhat unsure of the content of this quiz? Do check out my Horse Books page to reassure yourself.