Criollo Horse

Criollo Horse


The Criollo horse comes from Argentina and is one of the hardiest breeds in the world. Criollo horse’s
show strong influence of Andalusian and
Barb blood which has given the breed both endurance and beauty.

Criollo horse’s, when crossed with today’s Thoroughbred
horses, can make excellent Polo Ponies – Well Polo Horses actually! Criollo horse is not a big horse and can reach
about 14 to 15 hands and sport the colours of dun and

Polo is not the Criollo horse’s only talent. It is loved by the gauchos of South America for its endurance, comfortable
ride and loyal nature. It really is a good horse, this one!

Their conformation is similar to that of an Andalusian
in the features of the thick, strong neck and tough, well muscled body and their heads also look like that of the
Andalusian horse, but you can still see
bits of the Barb horse.

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